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Order Now While a Low Price & Fast Action Offer is Still Available!


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Use Our "Copy & Paste" LinkedIn Marketing Packages & LinkedIn Training to Target These 10 Valuable DFY Verticals

  • VP Sales - Computer Software

  • VP Sales - Information Tech

  • VP Sales - Internet Technology

  • VP Sales - Business Supplies & Equip

  • VP Sales - Computer Network Security

  • VP Sales - Computer Hardware

  • VP Sales - Biotechnology

  • VP Sales -  Chemicals

  • VP Sales - Capital Markets

  • VP Sales - Civil Engineering

Each "Copy & Paste" LinkedIn Marketing Package Includes These DFY Components

  • LinkedIn Plan

    Custom written LinkedIn plan for the specific Quantum Chat vertical of your choice

  • Custom Ad Banner

    Use our custom LinkedIn ad banner to show your market who you are targeting

  • Profile SEO Strategy

    Drive organic search traffic to your new LinkedIn profile and convert them with your displayed USP

  • Search Checklist

    Follow our "copy & paste" search checklist to target the exact vertical of your choice each time

  • Connection Invite

    Use our proven "copy & paste" connection invite message to get 25% or more prospects to opt-in

  • Thank You Message

    Send all new connections our proven "copy & paste" "Thank You" message to start a conversation

  • Follow Up Message

    Send this proven "copy & paste" follow up message to any new connection who doesn't respond

  • 4 Email Campaign

    Followup with any new lead who doesn't respond to your LinkedIn promotional messages via email

  • EZ Download Access

    Just login to the membership site and select your vertical and download the components

Here's What You Get

Total Offer Value = $97,500

  • "Business in a Box" Road Map & Training

  • Proven DFY LinkedIn Services to Resell

  • Ongoing DFY Research & Development Access

  • Expert LinkedIn Marketing Plan Coaching

  • 10 "Copy & Paste" LinkedIn Marketing Packages

  • Expert LinkedIn Search Training & Coaching

  • LinkedIn Profile Optimization Template & Training

  • Proven Connection Invite Message Strategy

  • Proven LinkedIn Followup Message Strategy

  • Proven LinkedIn Followup Email Strategy

  • Proven LinkedIn Lead Tracking System

  • DFY Agency Client Activity Dashboard

  • Proven Sales Lead CRM Coaching

  • Automated Email System Coaching

  • Social Selling Skills Template & Training

  • Video Training & Resource Site: Lifetime Access

  • $20,000 Value

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  • $10,000 Value

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4 BONUS DFY Marketing Packages

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1.2 MM Leads


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19.4 MM Leads

1000 Targeted B2B Email Leads

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  • Super-charge Your Business Growth 

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  • Highly Targeted

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Outflank and Outwit Your Competition!

Mine LinkedIn for HOT Leads for Your

Local Marketing Agency

  • Local Marketing

    Lead Acquisition AI Pre loaded to target Local Business Niches

  • Automotive Dealerships

    Engage and Subscribe Customers for Automotive Dealers

  • Coffee Shop

    Drive visits, sales, and loyalty for Local Coffee Shops

  • Real Estate Agent

    Find Sellers and Buyers for local Real Estate Agents

  • Car Sales Person

    Sales men and women can connect to potential buyers directly

  • Political

    To win, politicians have to stay connected and relevant to their constituents

  • Affiliate Sales

    Register Webinar Attendees and Makes sales right from your Facebook page.

  • Direct Sales

    Never Pitch To Friends And Family Again, Get An Endless Supply Of INTERESTED Leads

  • Insurance

    Agents can find and qualify prospective new customers on autopilot

  • Chiropractors

    Help local Chiropractors get more new patients 

  • Dentists

    Help local Dentists get more new patients 

  • Roofer

    Help Roofers get more commercial or residential roofing customers 

  • Realtor

    Help Realtors find more new sellers and buyers 

  • HVAC

    Help HVAC contractors get more new customers 

  • Attorneys

    Help Attorneys get more new clients

  • Pest Control

    Help Pest Control contractors get more new customers 

  • Med Spa

    Help Med Spa owners get more new customers 

  • Restaurant

    Help Restaurant owners get more new and repeat customers 

  • Cosmetic Surgeons

    Help Cosmetic Surgeons get more new and repeat patients 

  • Mortgage

    Help Mortgage Brokers and agents get more new customers 

  • Pain Clinics

    Help Pain Clinic Doctors get more new and repeat patients

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"Your company has generated more conversations with qualified leads in 2 weeks than was generated for me by a telesales cold calling campaign over a 2-month period. They called roughly 1,000 companies. The ROI on your LinkedIn system is already fantastic.”

V.H., UK Devops Consulting Firm

"I’d just like you to know that after 2 weeks, I think we have identified 2 clients that we will do business with in the near future for at least $20,000 each. If we get 1 a week, this will be awesome!”

Jeff M., U.S. Air Charter Company

"Within the first few weeks of getting my program going, I closed 10 sales at $7,000 each for a total of $70,000. Now I’m speaking at the national convention… all because of your system. I can highly recommend this system.”

Brad W., U.S. Real Estate Sales Training Agency

"My program went active 48 hours ago. In the first 24 hours, a tier one prospect reached out to me and asked how I could do that for his business. Next, another lead asked for a call on the same day. Thanks!”

Kathy C., U.S. Marketing Agency

"I must admit I am getting a few saying yes straight from the messaging! Haven’t even got to the email bit yet …”

Julie H., U.K. Business Coach

"Using your system, I have built over 1,400 highly qualified “warm” leads for my company in the first 3 months of using your LinkedIn system. Building a marketing list of “warm” prospects that I can market to forever will be a tremendous asset to my company.”

Phil E., U.S. Power Supply VAR

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Total Offer + Bonus Value = $133,500

*Due to the Digital Nature of Our Product, Training and Bonuses, No Refunds Allowed

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